Michael Phipps has always loved imagining and creating. As a child he was surrounded by friends that shared and nurtured his love of drawing and building things, and he spent a lot of time creating images of strange creatures and worlds, drawing detailed designs, building marble chutes, folding origami, and being artistic in many other varied ways. He studied art in college and graduated with a degree in illustration. 

Working as a full time artist has brought about a wide variety of projects, including mural work that can be seen in New Zealand, Mexico and throughout the United States. Most paintings are on the opposite end of the size spectrum and include book covers, album covers, posters, etc. He also enjoys employing a more line-oriented style which he sells as posters and screen printed on shirts.. 

Michael’s creativity also spans to the music realm, where he enjoys playing, writing and performing. He played the French Horn from 7th grade through college as well as in the Utah Valley Symphony as an adult. He also dabbles in piano and other keyboards, percussion, the recorder and multiple brass instruments and enjoys singing in choirs and small groups. One of his greatest creative passions is music composition. He is currently working on a collaboration with a guitar-playing friend and hopes to release a full album in the future. 

Michael loves finding and listening to creative, interesting, strange, unique and beautiful music, which has led to the discovery of progressive music groups form the 60’s to the present, including Happy the Man. Being able to offer his art to Happy the Man related projects has been a dream come true. 

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