Peter’s extensive musical training came first when he played bass guitar in 1972-1974 in the Langley High School Jazz Lab, and in the summers of 1973 and 1974 in the Wolf Trap Jazz Ensemble, both under the direction of George J. Horan. From 1975-77, Peter attended New England Conservatory where he majored in jazz bass and music composition. From 1978-79, Peter attended George Mason University where he studied music composition. In 1988-1990, Peter attended Peabody Conservatory, earning a masters in music composition. 

Peter has performed live for over four decades. In 1972-73, Peter played bass with the progressive rock group Black Orchid. In 1973-75, he played bass with the jazz-rock fusion group Ancient Moon. In 1977-1984, Peter was a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist in the progressive rock group However. Beginning in 1984 for several years, Peter sang and played guitar and piano with folk-rock groups, including Stitch In Time with Don Berkemeyer and Terresa Gayle. 

In the 1990s, Peter was a session bassist for the group Trapezoid. Peter has also performed with Richard Sinclair, Paul Reisler’s Kid Pan Alley ensemble, Jim and Ashley Cash, Steve Albrecht, Datta and Rachael-Jayne Groover’s Awaken Band, and with Don Berkemeyer for BandHouse Gigs. Peter guests as a bassist on the album Pedal Giant Animals released in 2006 by Stan Whitaker and Frank Wyatt. Peter’s album Life’s Mystery was released online in 2008 and on CD in 2010 by North America East Recordings. 

Peter has been a music instructor in Northern Virginia since 1974. He has been commissioned to compose for film, and has been published as a writer and transcriber in Bass Player magazine. 

Peter is honored and elated to be co-orchestrating Frank Wyatt’s composition Perelandra, in four movements. 

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