As a music major at James Madison University I had the good fortune to meet Stan Whitaker and Kit Watkins and began what would be a fantastic musical journey that has lasted over four decades. We started our group, Happy The Man while in college, and it became a major part of my life. Although Happy The Man initially only released two official albums, their impact was strong enough to durably endear the group to a cult following that has been growing ever since, and eventually eight albums were recorded or compiled. With the passing of the years Happy The Man’s music has demonstrated a timeless quality. My work with Happy The Man has led me to explore many aspects of the music business, my favorite of which has become the recording studio. Crafty Hands became the name for my own recording space in 1999 and it continues to evolve. Studio projects include tracking for A Certain Whisper and the first Pedal Giant Animals project as well as overdubs for Happy The Man’s The Muse Awakens. Oblivion Sun’s The High Places was entirely recorded and mixed at Crafty Hands. My most recent project, Zeitgeist is now available. I continue to produce and write music.