RELEASE DATE: November 1, 2019

Frank Wyatt~Piano, Keyboards     Bill Brasso~Drums
Stan Whitaker~Guitar,Vocals   David Hughes~Bass  
Cliff Fortney~Vocals   David Rosenthal~Keyboards  
Rick Kennell~Bass   Chris Mack~Drums   Peter Princiotto~Sitar  
Mike Beck~Percussion  Ron Riddle~Drums   Kit Watkins~Keyboards Joe Bergamini~Drums   Andrew Colyer~Keyboards

All music and lyrics by Frank Wyatt, ASCAP
© & ⓟ Crafty Hands Music, ASCAP 2019

Recorded at Crafty Hands Studio (& various other studios)
Orchestration of Perelandra by Frank Wyatt and Peter Princiotto
Mixed by Robert Richardson at After 7 Studios
Cover Art by Michael Phipps
CD Layout and graphic design  / Frank Wyatt


Frank Wyatt and Friends

The Zeitgeist Project digital download includes a .jpg version of the entire CD booklet that ships with the physical CD.

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"Zeitgeist" Lyrics


An old man stumbles, with his cane in his hands 
So the hourglass tightens, on our fragile grains of sand 
Children rush about, machine displays replace their eyes 
The skies above us grow dark, in some chemical reprise 
It all seems so strange and unreal 
No need to flush, it's just a sign of the times 

So we live our lives, preparing our goodbyes 
Attempting to sustain ourselves, enlighten and mystify 
Still the pressures of our own making, simply multiply 
Sometimes it seems beyond us, we keep on asking "why?" 
You know, there is no answer here,  
Those cool blank stares, are just a sign of the times.


"Eleventh Hour" Lyrics


It’s an important day 
And a  pretentious hour 
Slowly all comes to pass 
Like the last budding flower 
So my thoughts
Flow like a river 
Past faces and places I’ve been 


Once a sprite playful child 
Building dreams in the forest 
Once the strong young lad 
Finding I faced my choices… 
To be forceful? 
To be gentle? 
Do I follow or lead? 
Do I harvest? Or seed? 
Do I take other’s offerings ? 
Or make what I need? 


Then a good man… 
Happy was he 
(All the joys of the Father) 
(My children laughed with me) 
Night then daybreak 
(Troubled storms started sounding) 
(Finding out who was me) 
Calm blue deep sea 
(Leaving it all behind then) 
(Starting new once again) 


This, an important day 
This, my eleventh hour 
Nothing more left to say 
Autumn fades into winter 
Come what may, dear friends… 
(Life has been good, sunset glows…) 
(My journey now… no-one knows)