The Zeitgeist Backstage Videos

 The Zeitgeist Project backstage videos have been completed as everyone who was recording here at Crafty Hands Studio has finished their sessions. The remaining work is either being done remotely or is my own computer work, so not much in the way of video content left. Here is the archive of the videos produced during the project's earlier days. They are in reverse order, with the latest upload at the top of the list. These backstage videos are for the subscribers /supporters only at this time. Thank you for helping the studio stay online!

Uploaded April 12, 2017. The fourth movement of the Perelandra symphonic piece had been written several years ago, and to be honest, I forgot the majority of it. In this video I am sorting out ideas from that original iteration of the movement as I attempt to put it back together for the Zeitgeist project. It should be fun to reference this when the real music is completed to see what survived, and in what order. No virtuosity here! Just working through some fragments of memory.

Uploaded May28, 2016
. David Hughes and Bill Brasso at the studio for a rehearsal of the Zeitgeist title track. Working with Dave and Bill is a real treat. We have a blast trying to figure out what time signatures I used in the composition. When I compose it is a free flowing event and the results are a bit wacky concerning time signatures. My feelings on the matter are let it be what it wants to be. The math can be sorted later.


Uploaded May 28, 2016. This is the studio session video of David Hughes recording his first take of the song Zeitgeist. Dave is an amazing bassist and it is always inspiring to watch him work his magic. 

Uploaded April 3, 2016. Bill Brasso in his recording session of the track "Leaving". This was the first song composed specifically for the project and was the launch pad for the Kickstarter idea. I originally had synthesized all the parts of the song, but when the project team was formed it allowed me to add real performances to the recording. Much better!