Thank you to all the wonderful Zeitgeist supporters, especially those listed below! You have gone the extra mile and made this music happen!


The Executive Producers

Mindy Wyatt. (There are no words that could express the thanks I have for all  the support my beautiful wife Mindy has given. (FW)

Bill Brasso.


Rob LaDuca 

The music of Happy the Man has fed my soul for 20+ years. It was the pure love of their music that spurred the efforts to have the band reconstitute for NEARfest 2000. The world needs more music from Maestros Wyatt and Whitaker and all of the other Happy Men and their talented friends. The Kickstarter funds that all have provided will be the life blood for their creativity and artistry. I’m honored to be able to contribute.

Rene Yedema 

The moment I heard about the pledge Frank Wyatt started, I knew I had to be part of it. Happy The Man has always been such an important band for me. The music of “Crafty Hands” still makes me smile, gives me goose flesh and gets me excited after all these years. And so do all those other albums these musicians were involved with through the years. So to be an active part of a project that features new compositions from all these great gentle people is an honour and a real “Service With A Smile”.

Richard Schilder 

I became hooked on Happy The Man in the late-’70s when I was doing college radio and came across the then newly-released “Crafty Hands” and earlier debut, “Happy The Man.” I’ve followed the group over the years and am glad to help Frank and the band realize their musical vision in Pedal Giant Animals with this new album, ”Zeitgeist.”