I have acquired a lot of gear over the years and it's time to let some go. I don't want to do the Ebay thing so I will just put items here where I think my fans and friends will see it and help spread the word. That should help find a good home for my prized instruments and studio equipment. It will take awhile to get things entered. Some things will have to be picked up as they are too large to ship.  I won't sell anything that doesn't work! If I do happen to find something that needs a repair, I will say so, and will price it accordingly.  If you want to come pick something up here, ask a question about something, or make an offer just send me an email using the contact form on this website. Most of this gear is studio specific, so it's not really for general consumption. If you know anyone in the recording/music bizz who might be interested please spread the word. Thanks for looking!


Note: I will only charge the actual shipping cost. If it is going to be more I will contact you with the correct price and the option to bail on the transaction, if less you will be refunded the difference. The shipping estimates I have posted are for the continental US only. I will ship anywhere, but will need to verify the cost before we make a deal.

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