Second track is completed

The second Zeitgeist project track, Eleventh Hour, is now mixed. Bob has finished his Rosfest duties for the year and is back on the project full speed ahead. Next up are Twelve Jumps (waiting for a guitar solo), and The Approach. Andrew Colyer is working on his final revisions to the synth parts for The Approach which will complete the tracking for that composition. I am having another hard drive issue on the studio computer. The SSD has filled up and I am going to have to migrate it to a larger system drive. The tech just keeps on challenging my gear! On the health front my battle continues. I am at Johns Hopkins now in another experimental trial. My attitude is great and I believe I will win eventually! Thanks to everyone for supporting the project for so long.  I will be trying to move all my websites into this one location over the next month or so. The subscribers at Crafty Hands Studio Backstage are the only way things are staying afloat online and I am looking at ways to perhaps add a Patreon support option on this new site to help out. Also in a bit of related news, The Muse Awakens has now been released under our own (Happy The Man) ownership and I have forty copies of the new version for sale. I will put them in the store here and see how it works out. Cost is $15.00 plus shipping.

Thanks again everyone!