July~web work continues

I have replaced the very full studio computer's SSD operating system drive at last and it can again buffer the huge sample libraries being used in the Perelandra piece. The Zeitgeist is now moving again. Also there are some new pages added to the website. I am still working on the Crafty Hands Studio implementation, but quite a few videos have been moved here now. Check out the Kit and Coco live in 1981 video! It is great! Also the few Happy The Man videos I can locate are now on the site. The "Backstage" material is slowly being migrated over as well. Subscribers will be given a password when that area is completed. 

 I found an old CD project I did called A Certain Whisper which has some interesting themes on it. The original ideas for Turning My Head and Il Quinto Mare are found in a couple of the tracks. It is a very ambient collection of tonal experiments, not much like the prog rock I usually perform. I put it on the site anyway in the interest of documenting these early solo efforts. Peace and happiness to all of you.