Some new "old" music, and an end in sight

The mixes for the Perelandra Symphony are completed now and only Fred's Song remains for the completion of Zeitgeist. I can't express the gratitude I have for all the patience you have shown while waiting for this project to be completed! I am writing the lyrics now, so I expect Stan will be singing them in a couple weeks...but I still don't want to make any promises about the release date. It's just too easy for things to go awry. I just found another project I started about two decades ago and decided I would put it on the site. I had started roughing out a solo project called The Physics of the Heart about twenty years ago. I did sketches of the first four tracks in Logic, using some midi instruments and my saxophones. In a search for a bass part I lost recently, I stumbled upon these four forgotten pieces and decided to add them here in my "archive".  They are a bit rough, but do capture the essence of the project, which I was creating from impressions of my daughters as they became young women, children no more. I hope you enjoy these tracks, and again, thank you all so much for the support.