A month of Zeitgeist

Okay, it's been over a month I know, but not much! I am truly overwhelmed with the wonderful response the project is receiving. It is a testament to the fantastic musicians who worked so hard to create the music. I will never be able to properly thank them, and all the supporters and new fans that are discovering the Zeitgeist project. We are now starting to see some reviews come in, and I have been doing some radio interviews. There is a new page on the website, Zeitgeist Pres/Reviews if anyone wants to follow our progress in the media. Sales have been starting to roll in as well, and I have noticed that it is very expensive to ship to locations outside the US, so I am looking for retailers who might want to sell the cd in other countries. Any suggestions will be welcomed in this regard as I attempt to expand availability. Finally, the physical cd has been made "unavailable" on FrankWyattMusic.com until the tenth of December, 2019 as the web store is sorting some kind of bug in their shipping software. Digital downloads are still working fine, and I apologize for anyone wanting to order this weekend...this one is out of my hands! 

Thanks again for everything!