That year went fast!

I just noticed that a year has passed since updating the website. Time has no traction here. I have been fighting the cancer diligently....whatever that means. It has moved into my bones now and a few have broken leaving my left arm pretty much useless so not jamming on the keyboards very much! I am on yet another treatment now and it seems to be doing some good work on me. My spirits are still high and I still have a creative itch to scratch, so I have been putting my energy into building modular synth modules and getting that instrument up to speed. While two hands are better, I can still turn knobs with just one! Have a listen to my earliest experiments in this electronic world of chaos on the new page, Modular Synthesis. You will notice I am no longer on the Facebook or Twitter platforms. I won't support these killers of free speech and it saddens me to see so many people going along with the censorship and agenda manipulation. This will not end well. I have been talking regularly with Andrew Colyer and we have some plans for a project, so check back next year! Just should not be that long for another update. All my best to you,