1. Zeitgeist

The title track, Zeitgeist, features Music, Lyrics, and Pianos by Frank Wyatt
Guitar and Vocals ~ Stan Whitaker
Keyboards ~ Kit Watkins
Bass Guitar ~ David Hughes
Drums and Percussion ~ Bill Brasso

This track was recorded and engineered by Frank at Crafty Hands Studio, and mixed at After 7 Studios by Robert Scott Richardson


The old man stumbles with his cane in his hand
So the hourglass tightens on our fragile grains of sand
Children rush about, machine displays replace their eyes
The skies above us grow dark in some chemical reprise
It all seems so strange and unreal...
No need to flush, it's just a sign of the times

So we live our lives preparing our goodbyes
Attempting to sustain ourselves, enlighten and mystify
Still the pressures of our own making simply multiply
Sometimes it seems beyond us...
We keep on asking, "Why?"
You know there is no answer here,
Those cool blank stares are just a sign of the times