1. Eleventh Hour

From the recording Zeitgeist

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Eleventh Hour
It’s an important day
And a pretentious hour
Slowly all comes to pass
Like the last budding flower

So my thoughts…(So my thoughts)
Flow like a river
Past faces and places I’ve been

Once a sprite playful child
Building dreams in the forest
Once the strong young lad
Finding I faced my choices…

To be forceful?
To be gentle?
Do I follow or lead?
Do I harvest? Or seed?
Do I take other’s offerings ?
Or make what I need?

Then a good man…

Happy was he
(All the joys of the Father)
(My children laughed with me)

Night then daybreak
(Troubled storms started sounding)
(Finding out who was me)

Calm blue deep sea
(Leaving it all behind then)
(Starting new once again)

This, an important day
This, my eleventh hour
Nothing more left to say
Autumn fades into winter

Come what may, dear friends…
(Life has been good, sunset glows…)
(My journey now… no-one knows)